Modular Homes in Thunder Bay

Modular home construction has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and flexibility of features. Ranta Contracting Inc. is a leading producer of modular homes in Thunder Bay and surrounding communities, offering a variety of standard plans, as well as custom designs that meet your specific needs. We have partnered with North Shore Quality Homes to supply Maple Leaf modular homes in the Thunder Bay area. All of the modular homes we construct comply with local and provincial building codes.

Options and Floor Plans

Take a look at some brochures that highlight different styles of modular homes available from Maple Leaf Homes. All Maple Leaf Homes are built for life and include a limited lifetime warranty on roof shingles, a 30 year warranty on windows, a limited lifetime warranty on vinyl siding, with a 10 year structural warranty available. Every Maple Leaf modular home is energy efficient and comes with standard features that include designer cabinets, quality plumbing fixtures, plywood floor and wall construction, painted wood interior trim, and kiln dried lumber.

What is a Modular Home?

Unlike “stick-built” homes, which are built onsite using traditional methods, a modular home is constructed of factory-built modular components that are transported to the building site nearly complete and then assembled and installed in the foundation.

Benefits of Modular Homes over Traditional Construction

Modular homes can be constructed from the same materials as traditional structures, and in many cases will demonstrate a higher standard of craftsmanship. Some other benefits offered by modular homes when compared to traditional construction include:

Construction Time – A modular home can be completed much faster than a traditional structure, mainly because weather conditions do not affect the modular construction process as severely as they do “stick-built” methods.

Quality Control – Because there are fewer parts to keep track of and fewer steps in the building process, it is much easier to ensure quality compliance and stay on schedule.

Structural Integrity – While both modular homes and traditional construction must meet statutory building codes and standards, modular homes are often fitted with a steel chassis for additional support and durability.

Sustainability – Modular home construction incorporates a higher use of sustainable materials than traditional building methods, making it safer for the environment. In addition, modular home construction can easily accommodate add-ons such as solar power cells or greywater systems.

Cost Effectiveness – The cost of constructing a modular home is typically much less than the cost of traditional methods, which means you get more house for your money!

Want to learn more about modular homes, or discuss whether a modular home would be right for your needs? Contact us today to book a no-obligation consultation and free estimate.

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